Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Beginnings... Well Sort of...

I finally got the call I have been waiting for...
About a year later

A Placement Officer from the Peace Corps. called to ask me a few questions. It was another interview. Up until this point, I had been nominated in December 2010 for Youth Development and I was a little tired about answering questions about why I wanted to give my life for two and half years. I had become my brother, who a few months earlier was in the same boat, being annoyed and frustrated with long, bureaucratic process( He is Morocco with PC). Up until that call I was getting ready to pick a random city from a jar I made of places I could move to. I had my mind set on Austin, Texas or Dublin, Ireland. Both extreme I know, but both drew me in. That was my plan.
"F it," I tell my friends, "I am moving to Dublin or Austin".
Most of my friends didn't and STILL don't know that I applied to the Peace Corps. I had always had the dream to serve though. Since high school it became my goal. Almost an obsessive one actually. I remember holding back from things because I would worry about it affecting my chances of serving, such as taking illegal substances or driving after a beer. I was pretty paranoid for a while. I guess it all paid off right?

Back to the phone call...
I was driving home from Ocean Shores with my brother, sister and mom is when I got the call. We were just about done talking, 40 mins later, when I thought to say, "If you all don't want me, please don't waste my time," but then the PO told me I was being invited but she needed to find a place for me. She would tell me at the end of September. I had been waiting for about 8 months and that 45 minute conversation told me all I needed to know. They actually wanted me!

I will be "leaving" within 6 or 9 months. I write "leaving" in quotations because anything can happen in that long time. I still don't have a clue as to where I will be placed. I have left my faith in a PO named M******n. She asked if I was fine with waiting for almost half a year until I would be departing. Before the phone call, I was ready to leave at ANY moment, but thinking about it, I was actually glad to wait. That means I have more time to prepare. I have 6 to 9 months to tie up any loss ends. Time to hang out with my friends, volunteer, make more money, maybe even meet my "husband".

I am looking forward to hearing where I will be going. I will be getting ready for my "service" while thinking of Anteus, Bailey, Kara, Adele and Randy's wife, Mekdes's friend and all the countless people currently serving out their time with the Peace Corps.

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